Eschatological Analysis of Fr Gobbi’s revelations

In the light of recent discussions on various forums concerning the error of Millenarianism and the obvious support for the theory promoted by not an insignificant number of people, I would like to show how the idea that modern prophetic mystics are saying the same thing is not true. The revelations given to Fr Gobbi do not support this view – even though Fr Gobbi himself supported this millennial view. 

Nowhere in the revelations does Our Lady make any mention of Revelation Ch 20. Nowhere does she state a temporal era with an end is coming. What she does say is exactly in line with the version of events as contained in the Catechism and the teachings of the Pope-of which I have promoted in Heralds of the Second Coming. In fact at this point, I would stress one of the biggest signs of authenticity is that Our Lady doesn’t say anything like Fr Gobbi’s own interpretation of the messages (see his June 24 1996 speech on the Second Coming at the MMP USA website). She states no first resurrection of the saints and no millennium. If Fr Gobbi was making it up, surely he would have made sure the message fitted his interpretation.

In fact, in Fr Gobbi’s well known speech of June 24 1996 he states ” I am a little apprehensive since this is a new theme. I myself was surprised to discover how Our Lady has revealed this to us in her messages. [This is] a theme on which perhaps, humanly speaking, I was not prepared, since this aspect was never a part of my theological studies; that is, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart comes about with Jesus’ return in glory…Another example can be found in the frequent expressions, that at first sight can leave us uneasy, in which it is affirmed that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary coincides with the coming of the glorious reign of Christ. These expressions are, of course, to be interpreted in the light of what is taught in Sacred Scripture (Rev 20:1-7) –  and to the authentic Magisterium of the Church. In this regard, let us keep before our eyes the frequent references which, in his first encyclical, “Redemptor Hominis” and in other important documents, Pope John Paul II makes concerning the Church of the second Advent which awaits the second coming of Jesus.” (Preface – To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons – pg. xlii)”

There are several significant statements Fr Gobbi made here, first is that he admits he was not trained in this theological area, and secondly a search on the Vatican website for references to Rev Ch. 20: 1-7 show up nothing.The simple fact is that the Magisterium does not relate in any way this difficult passage of Scripture to a coming millennium, a temporal Kingdom. In my many years of studying papal teachings I have never once come across anything that would suggest they expect an imminent era of peace within history. Also, Fr Gobbi in an interview he gave in August 1999 stated that the world would end rather than be renewed at the Last Judgement-a view which is not found in the Catechism, in fact the exact opposite is stated in that heaven will come down to earth and the Most Holy Trinity will dwell with the redeemed in a transfigured Universe.

Let us  look into the messages themselves to see if they do in fact correspond exactly to the teaching of the Magisterium concerning the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ in glory for the Last Judgment. 

1) Second Coming-spiritual or physical? The condemned theory of Millenarianism (in its purest form) says that Jesus will reign on earth physically for a thousand years before the end.. One of the ways supporters of this theory get round it is to state it is a spiritual manifestation an”intermediate coming”.In the book, Our Lady states on December 8 1990:Live in love and holiness because Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, our saviour and our King is about to come to you in the splendour of His glorious Body” Also on April 14,1990,Holy Saturday the Blessed Virgin stated:” Watch with Me in expectation and be sure in the hope that Jesus will return on the clouds of Heaven, in the splendour of His glorious Body” 

Therefore, immediately to suggest these revelations do not refer to the end of the world would be millenarianism in its purest form .There is no room for manoeuvre here. Jesus coming in His glorious body is prophesied as about to happen.

2) Another aspect that concerns the ultimate end of the world is the defeat of satan. The  temporal era of peace before the final coming of Satan theory states that the Devil will be bound during it ( to a great extent) then let loose for one last assault on the Church. However in the book, the Blessed Virgin clearly states that he will be defeated forever at the end of this trial. On April 16, 1995, Our Lady stated:” But the moment is at hand in which the Risen Christ will manifest Himself in all His power. Evil will be destroyed, Satan will be defeated forever” In a message entitled “The Holy City” on December 8, 1992, Mary stated:”Jesus will return in glory, to bring back the whole of creation to the full splendour of its new earthly paradise.The sinful city will now have vanished and so the whole of creation will open up with joy to welcome the Holy City, the new Jerusalem come down from Heaven”. Also in the same message it is stated:”Finally, the Holy City must gather together humanity which has been redeemed and saved, after it has been completely freed from the slavery to Satan, sin and evil”. How can this be if there is a time still to come in the future in which Satan will be allowed to test humanity again. The Blessed Virgin clearly teaches that Satan’s defeat soon will be complete, and forever. This is in total opposition to those stating that sin will remain in the era to come. Our Lady states no such thing. “Completely freed from the slavery to Satan, sin and evil. No temporal era is prophesied. 
3) If we are facing the final judgement soon , then we obviously turn our thoughts to the Resurrection from the dead. The Blessed Virgin also addresses this area in the book. We know the times to come are called the “New Times”, a phrase used often by Pope John Paul the Great (“New” in theological language means final perfection). On March 29, 1991, Mary said:”He is the man of the new times. Because it is only in Him that all who have lived, died, been buried and fallen away to dry dust will rise again“.There is a clear message here that the new times bring forth the raising of the dead, otherwise why would Our Lady link the new times with Jesus ability to raise the dead? On April 15, 1995, we read: “It is the Saturday of its long sepulchre (humanity).Soon it will come forth from the tomb in which it is lying, when Jesus will come back in glory and will lead it into the new garden of His Resurrection. The great miracle of the Divine mercy is in preparation. It will repeat for the whole of humanity that which came about for my Son Jesus.”

4)Another aspect of this mystery is the freeing of humanity from the corruption of death for those still alive. Mary stated on September 8, 1990:”Then the whole of creation, freed from the slavery of sin and death will know the splendour of a second earthly paradise in which God will dwell with you, will wipe away every tear,and there will no longer be day or night for you because the earlier things have passed awaand your light will be that of the Lamb and of the new Jerusalem come down from Heaven onto the earth, ready as a bride for her Bridegroom.” Also on November 1st,1989, the Blessed Virgin said:” there will no longer be death, mourning, weeping or sighing, because the former things have passed away.”If we compare these two statements with the Catechism we can see how they refer to the same event: “At the end of time, the Kingdom of God will come in its fullness. After the universal judgment, the righteous will reign for ever with Christ, glorified in body and soul. The universe itself will be renewed:The Church . . . will receive her perfection only in the glory of heaven, when will come the time of the renewal of all things. At that time, together with the human race, the universe itself, which is so closely related to man and which attains its destiny through him, will be perfectly re-established in Christ.631″”In this new universe, the heavenly Jerusalem, God will have his dwelling among men.634 “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away.”635

So we see Our Lady restates exactly what the Catechism says refers to the era of peace after the Last Judgment, Just as I have tried to show in the papal magisterium.
5) One further passage refers to the end of history and time as we know it. On December 24, 1997 we read: “Enter with me into the fullness of times, which will come about when Jesus returns in the splendour of His divine glory. This His first coming reaches its full significance only in His second coming. This Holy Night is directed towards the radiant day without nightfall. My Divine Babe, whom you are now contemplating in the manger, weeping and trembling because of the cold, will come back one day in the power of His divine glory and will bring to their fullness both time and history. Time and history will have their fulfilment; with His divine and glorious presence, He will make all things new”
At no stage does Our Lady mention two aspects of the Day of the Lord as some promoters of this doctrinal error teache. “His second birth is at hand. With Me, live through the final hours of this second advent: in confidence, in prayer, in suffering which is welcomed and enlightened, in waiting for the great day of the Lord to come soon” (24 Dec 1983) Also just a clear is the message of Sept 8 1990 in which She states” I am the dawn which announces the stupendous event of your salvation, and who prepares all of you for the coming of the great day of the Lord” (at this point let us remember Hebrews 9:28 “so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him”) Later in the same message the whole idea of a new age, new times is explained as pertaining to the period after the end of the world “In fact the immense sorrow of these last times is preparing for the birth of a new age, of new times, in which Jesus will come in the splendor of His glory and will establish His reign in the world. Then the whole of creation, freed from the slavery of sin and death will know the splendour of a second earthly paradise in which God will dwell with you, will wipe away every tear,and there will no longer be day or night for you because the earlier things have passed away and your light will be that of the Lamb and of the new Jerusalem come down from Heaven onto the earth, ready as a bride for her Bridegroom” Message 453 also reiterates this point “The new era, which I am preparing for you, coincides with the defeat of Satan and of his universal dominionAll of his power is destroyed. He is bound with all the evil spirits, and enclosed in Hell, from which he will not be able to get out to do harm in the world. In it Christ reigns, in the Splendour of his glorious Body”-Again here if this does NOT refer to the final coming and time after the last judgment, it is pure millenarianism condemned by the Church. Also Our Lady is absolutely clear: it is the end of Satan.

6)The coming of the Antichrist. In the view of promoters of the temporary Kingdom, the Antichrist comes not as the end of the world as defined clearly in the Catechsim and Magisterium of the Popes but before the supposed millennium. What does Our Lady tell Fr Gobbi? “They are the times foretold by Divine Scripture as those of the great apostasy and of the coming of the Antichrist. They are the times of great tribulation and innumerable sufferings for everyone, which will lead you to live through the final events in preparation for the second coming of Jesus in glory” (May 19 1991) Also in message 485, entitled The End of Times, the Antichrist is explained as one of the signs of the end. Matthew chapter 24 is continually used by Our Lady as a biblical reference point for this message, and as Pope John Paul stated in the general audience of 27 April 1988, this text refers to the end of the world. In fact I would urge the reading of this general audience because the Pope gives a very detailed explanation concerning the coming of the Kingdom and the fulfillment of the Our Father. Promoters of a millennial interpretation of Luisa Piccaretta’s writings should take careful note.
7)The triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Does it lead to a temporal Kingdom or the definitive coming of the Kingdom at the end of the world? “You are living out the mystery of this second advent, which is preparing you to receive Jesus, when He returns to you on the clouds of Heaven. Only then will the second advent, through which you are living be fulfilled. Then time will reach its fullnessThen the Triumph of your Heavenly Mother will have its triumph in the definitive and glorious triumph of Her Son Jesus.” (24 Dec 1997) In Her very last message, Our Lady said “Everything has been revealed to you: my plan has been foretold to you especially in its marvelous and victorious fulfillment.I have announced to you the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart in the world.In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph (Our Lady’s emphasis). This will come about in the greatest triumph of Jesus who will bring into the world His glorious reign of love, justice and peace and will make all things new. Open your hearts to hope.Throw open the doors to Christ who is coming to you in glory”. (31 Dec 1997)

What is clear and absolutely unambiguous is that Our Lady states the triumph comes at the end (why did she emphasize it?)Time will reach its fullness and Jesus comes in His glorious Body-all in the same event of the Triumph. This is exactly the scenario I proposed in my book Heralds of the second Coming-confirmed by cardinals, bishops and professors of theology.
In the revelations of Our Lady to Fr Gobbi there is no mention of an era of peace to come before the end of the world. This is confirmed by Her saying continually that Satan will be defeated forever at the end if this purification. She never once proclaims a first resurrection for the saints; she speaks of the complete and definitive coming of Jesus in His glorious Body-therefore its either millenarian heresy(in which case the Church would have condemned these messages long ago, or they refer to the end of the world. In my book I have a quote from Cardinal Ratzinger in a letter to Bishop Pavel Hnilica in which he states the 3rd secret of Fatima refers to the persecution until the end of the world.
Finally, there is mention of a Eucharistic reign. In the book Our Lady states “This new era will coincide with the greatest triumph of the Eucharistic reign of Jesus” (26 Feb 1991). In the papal magisterium and the Tradition of the Church there is no mention of a Eucharistic reign which could be viewed as a separate era from the new heaven and new earth, or in the present age. So what do Our Lady’s words refer to? The closest papal teaching to this comes from an ad limina address to Bishops of the USA on Dec 9 1988 Any consideration of the eschatological dimension of the Church must necessarily include the Holy Eucharist. The Church constantly finds her nourishment in the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of the glorified Christ. At the end of time, the saving power of the Eucharist will attain its full effect when the holiness of the Church will be complete and the entire universe will be perfectly restored in Christ. Meanwhile, we “proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes”.The renewal of the Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary is at the same time the banquet of the Kingdom.” Therefore the pope places this idea in the firm context of the renewal of the Universe to come after the Last Judgment. In reality it is symbolic of the eschatological Banquet of the Kingdom of God. It cannot possibly be viewed as anything else, and Our Lady does not suggest another interpretation to it in the book. In fact in message 505, after giving a similar statement on the Eucharistic reign, she immediately says “towards these new heavens and this new earth your Heavenly Mother, who is gathering you today from every part of the world, to prepare you for the Lord who is coming, is leading you” (21 Nov 1993)

What we can conclude from this, is that regardless of the authenticity of these revelations, of which the Church will perhaps one day make a definitive judgment, we can affirm that they do not support the theory of a millennium. They actually affirm the messages from approved private revelations which speak of the nearness of the final coming. For instance we can refer to the Divine Mercy revelations of St Faustina, the messages from Kibeho, Rwanda in which Alphonsine Mamureke (now a Nun) stated Our Lady told her she had come to prepare souls for the return of Jesus, and those from San Nicholas, Argentina in which the Blessed Virgin stated “the coming of the Lord is imminent”.

The private revelations of mystics and visionaries can only ever be interpreted in the light of the Magisterium. The mistake some apparition followers make is to understand it the other way round, and that is the basis for a variety of millennial errors which seem to be alive and well-unfortunately.

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  1. It’s illuminating to get the persepective of Stephen Walford on this site and that from Emmet O’Reagan on

    I have followed Fr. Iannuzzi for a few years and I would like to get his further perspective in light of the news (to me) that has recently come forth from Stephen and Emmett.

    The vast majority of us, like myself, do not have the theological training to deal with the growing body of private revelation which the Holy Spirit is pouring out. We, the untrained, should not presume that “we are in the know” since our take on the ‘end times’ may be wrong. This does not mean we should just ‘shut up’ either. All people will find out the Truth soon and by warning others with prophecies from God we will help them to survive the future events. As long as we stay between the lines outlined by orthodoxy to the magistarium and re direct our understanding as needed, we’ll be ok. In the relm of prophecy, I don’t think anyone bats 1000.

    In light of Stephen’s and Emmet’s work, I’ll be revising my website and continue on.

    It’s the clergy; the bishops and priests who should be dealing with this but I think they have been taught to stay away from prophecy and private revelation as if it is a superfluous interference.

    Ben Joyce

    • Ben,
      Thanks for your comment. At the end of the day, we just want to search for the truth. I felt a strong calling to write from the teachings of the popes on the end times in order to bring some clarity to what is a very difficult subject. It is very positive to see your openness in what you have written.
      God bless,

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